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Chinese Culture & language

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Tips for students doing TEFL course in China :

China has the most unique, diverse and exotic culture in the world. China is a huge country and each part of this majestic land is endowed with huge diversity of traditions and customs. People of China are very much aware of their self respect. It is thus important to give respect to the Chinese people even children while communicating with them.

Chinese have a paternal society where the father or the husband is the decision maker. In recent times, paternal control over the family has reduced significantly but the influence is still there. Wedding usually takes place between 25 to 30 years and now days the bride and groom usually choose their own life partner. Newly married couples usually stay in their own home and according to the Chinese law they are allowed to have only one child. Another very significant aspect of Chinese culture is that mostly people do not like to migrate away from their home town.

Chinese’s culture in recent times has borrowed a lot from the western culture. The urban areas in China are more influenced by the west than the east. There is more equality of sexes now and women do many works outside the home.

Food occupies the most significant position in Chinese culture. They give major importance to flavor, aroma and texture of their cuisine. There is a perfect balance of vegetable, fish and meat in Chinese food. Tea is usually accompanied with all meals in China and quality of tea is given prime importance.

Although, people of China have embraced the western culture, they are still very apprehensive about western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is extremely popular around the country. Western medicine and treatment are available only in the major cities.

Chinese Language

Chinese language is the hardest language to learn. Different region of China, speak different languages. Standard Mandarin is the official language of China, which are spoken in almost all parts of China. There are in all seven language families in China, which are Sino Tibetan, Altaic, Austroasiatic, Kradai, Indo- European and Austronesian. During the TEFL Course in China, the candidates can also learn standard Mandarin. It is going to help them if they are interested in ESL job in China.