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TEFL / TESOL Certification

ACT TEFL courses are accredited by TESOL Canada, City College Birmingham (CCB)

Get certifications from Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)/ Fort Hays State University (FHSU)

Be a teacher traveler with TEFL Certification from ACT!!!


Q1. What is the acronym for the TESOL/ TEFL course?

A. TEFL or the TESOL is a mandatory program for teaching English across the globe. In the global arena this course stands out. TESOL is the acronym for Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language. TEFL is teaching English as a foreign language.
A teacher bearing this certificate is qualified enough to teach anywhere in the world.

Q2. Why should I choose Asian College of Teachers for doing this course?

A. Asian College of Teachers offers different layers depending upon the qualification and the need of the participants. It does not believe in "one course for all" thought process and the institute caters to the expectations of our aspirants and gives a course that would meet their criteria. Asian College of Teachers is a name associated with quality and dependability. It is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and by renowned global institutions. Asian College of Teachers’ niche product is TESOL/ TEFL which are mandate programs for those seeking to sharpen their teaching skills to meet the international standards of teaching English. The institute is the only leading institute in India offering the courses with the flexibility of online and distance mode with the international standards of teaching. Asian College of Teachers started its journey in 2002 and in India Asian College Of Teachers is operating in Kolkata more than a decade. It provides 100% placement assistance service. We strongly believe in upholding the faith of our students by merging their needs with the standards of the international levels of teaching. Asian College of Teachers has been granted international accreditation for achievement of the highest standard in organizational management, business management, business performance, through a commitment to quality, and continuous improvement.

Q3. I have a teaching background in English do I still do this course?

A. It’s important to note that teaching requires expertise and sound proficiency of the language. Apart from the handful of schools catering the Elite class in most of the schools English is a second language. Despite the fact that English is taught as a second language it has created a stumbling block because the proficiency level of the teachers as far as communication skills are concerned has hit rock bottom. A major section of the candidates are left unemployable. The lacuna lies in the way English is taught at school level. It does not cater to the FOUR language skills as the major thrust is given to literature and hence restricted to reading and writing only. The major modes of communication listening and speaking are left ignored. So despite of the fact that the existing teachers have qualification they still feel the need to do the course to heighten their knowledge and teaching skills. TEFL has made such a mark that even some schools do demand to TEFL/ TESOL qualification.

Q4. What are the requisite criteria for TESOL/ TEFL course both online and distance?

A. The applicants must have good command over English Language. This course can be done by native and non natives English speakers across the globe. Adults with basic degree from High School are eligible for age, gender or nationality. The benchmark lies with the ease of language skills since the academic work would be done in English.

Q5. Is teaching experience mandatory for the teaching program?

A. It’s not mandatory. The course’s foundation makes you acquainted with the teaching skills. All the tools be it online, onsite, distance would enable you to be establish yourself as a successful English teacher.

Q6. Is the certificate a must for teaching English overseas?

A. This certificate is a must for teaching English worldwide. It would test your abilities to prove your effectiveness and meet the international standards of teaching and hence this certificate would validate your potentials. To pursue a teaching career in abroad this certificate is a must. The ACT is a globally recognized institute hence its name is a reflection of the highest standard and that merges nicely with the criteria of the international standard of teaching.

Q7. What type of students participates in the program?

A. It’s a globally acclaimed course with international presence hence the students have unparalleled language skills. People from different backgrounds and ages join our program. We have freshers who are inclined to join the course and we have experienced teachers as well. There are candidates who have enrolled with us after taking the decision to switch their careers.
There are many factors leading to the relevancy of the course and that's the prime reason why candidates from different backgrounds show interest to do the course.

Q8. Why do the Accreditations matters?

A. It’s the process for validation with institute reflecting credibility, authenticity, and trust. Accreditations give authentication to courses and add value to the certification process. It is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and by renowned global institutions that gives validation across the globe.

Q9.What is communicative language teaching?

A.The communicative language teaching is a technique which is practiced worldwide to facilitate the language learning process through various communicative activities. The technique is quiet innovative. It has modeled the entire course in the format of CLT technique. It takes into all the four language skills that are listening, speaking reading and writing. The CLT technique propounds the fact that language is best learnt through innovative activities. Here the emphasis is on group work, peer evaluation, apart from teacher's assessment.

Q10.What type of help I would receive in terms of job hunt?

A.After successful completion of the course the candidate needs to email for the placement assistance link or call us for the same. Our placement assistance link will serve the purpose of guiding the students to search for the right job. We keep updating the link based on vacancies all over the world. You will be benefitted as we provide information about full time, part time and freelance teaching vacancies. All ATI students will be able to access the job portal and receive employers contact details and attend interviews as per their location preference. After completing the course this placement assistance link would serve as a boon. It’s important for the candidates to keep an eye on the job portal as we keep on updating the same. This is our extended help for those students who are in need of placement assistance after successfully completing the course from Asian College of Teachers.

Q11.What are the prospects of ESL teacher with an online and distance certificate?

A.It depends on your skills to crack the interview. Your knowledge goes a long way you prove your worth. Since the certificate is globally recognized you can opt for the job in India as well as in abroad. There is no difference between online and distance certificate and you can apply for the jobs worldwide.

Q12.Is it advantageous if one has knowledge of the local language?

A.It would reap benefits if you have the knowledge of the local language however it’s not mandatory.

Q13.How do I receive certificate?

Certificates are issued after successful completion of the course. The Online Course certificates are dispatched through postal service. The candidate will receive both the soft copy as well as the hard copy of the certificate for online courses.