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ATI has a huge Global Presence and offers TEFL Certification Course in Exotic Locations - Thailand, China, India, France, Italy, Nepal, Morocco, Turkey, South Korea, USA, UK, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico


American TESOL Institute gives its teachers lifetime job assistance in various parts of the world. We can provide you with a recommendation letter if required. All ESL Teachers of will have complete access to our Alumni and can contact us for ESL Job Assistance or Resume writing help. We have 24x7 Support Center for the teachers.

American TESOL Institute

American TESOL Institute is a distinguished leader in TEFL Courses. The TESOL Certificate that American TESOL Institute certificates has gained wide acceptability among a whole spectrum of institutions and organizations worldwide. Read American TESOL Institute's students reviews / testimonials.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to impart quality training to the future TESOL trainers who will contribute positively to the TESOL community by infusing latest TEFL methodologies and lend their unparalleled expertise in a TESOL classroom as they prepare to travel to exotic locations and inspire thousands of English learners across the globe.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to remain the numero uno service provider in TESOL as being pioneers in this field help us understand the needs of TEFL teachers and design programs that best suit their requirements. Our endeavors will always be to produce not only globally accepted but global minded teachers who will teach English to make a difference in the lives of others.

Organizational Values
American TESOL Institute is committed to providing cost-effective TEFL/TESOL courses that enable aspiring TESOL trainers to develop knowledge and skills through a range of tailor made internationally accredited programs which come with extensive academic and placement supports.

ECIIT:- Excellence, Care, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork

We are into creating lifelong academic relationships with our students and constantly encourage our students to upgrade with our value added courses which aid them to achieve their professional goals.  

Our purpose remains to guide them every step of their journey with ATI through effective counseling, continuous support via email, chat and telephone and valuable practicum as they prepare to begin their global TEFL adventure and we desire to produce ESL/EFL teachers of global standard.


American TESOL works with innumerable affiliate Institutions, Organizations, including Governmental ones. It complies with academic requirements and assures valuable placement service to its graduates.

ATI conducts TEFL Certificate Course that are based on in depth research, a solid knowledge foundation with pin pointed focus on applicability in the domain of ESL teaching abroad. American TESOL Institute offers a wide selection of products but TESOL Course is its pivotal product. The ATI courses are grounded on sound knowledge, clear concepts and skills that are productive.

Travelling the world and experiencing new culture is a passion of the majority of the population. Teaching English overseas can be a good way to make this dream come true. If you want a prolonged vacation in the exotic destinations around the world, teaching ESL can be the best profession. ESL jobs enable teachers not only to travel across the continents but also in sponsoring prolonged vacations. The demands of native English speakers as ESL teachers are quite high across the world. It is a perfect opportunity to discover new places, mingle with various kinds of people and also immerse deep into foreign cultures, which normal tourists are unable to savour.

Teaching English as Second Language 

English is currently the lingua franca, and the demand of ESL teachers are sky rocketing. The two terms associated with English Language Teaching are TEFL or TESOL. The acronym TESOL stands for ‘Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages’ and TEFL stands for ‘Teaching English as Foreign Language’. These are synonymous terms and cater to the section of teaches who wish to teach English as second language. English is now the most important corporate language and as world is transforming into a global village English is turning to be its language of communication. English is exhaustively used in the hospital industry and during trade and corporate deals. read more...

Whom will you teach English?

English Language is important for people from all works on life in today’s world. Once you are a certified second language English teachers the opportunities are endless. However, it would be wrong to put second language teaching English under an umbrella. There are specializations for teaching English to adults, to kids and to the corporate employees. For trade and commerce with the outside world English is indispensable. Whether it is emailing to a client or preparing a business contract, English has to be the language of communication. Thus refined, oral and written communication in this language is necessary to have a successful career. Often corporate keeps trainers for training their employees or sent them to the language schools. Teaching English at this level can be quite challenging as there will be serious time constraint. English is now a second language in most schools in the non native countries. ESL teachers specialize in teaching English to the young learners. In many schools around the world, English language is taught as a second language. Teaching English to kids in the non native English speaking countries can be challenge as they have zero knowledge on this subject. TESOL or TEFL courses are important in these cases as it specifically trains the teachers to teach English as second language successfully. English lessons for children are taken by specially qualified teachers thus the salary structure of these teachers are higher than rest of their counterparts.

Who can teach English abroad?

If you are proficient in English, confident about teaching in a foreign country and love adventure, ESL jobs are for you. Though, a degree or TEFL certificates are major criteria for the English teaching jobs abroad. Native English speakers are sometimes favored to teach English as second language. Even if you are not a native English speaker, ESL jobs will be available as good English communication is the key to ESL teaching. Fluency and good communication skill is what the employers want to see in their English teachers. ESL teachers are not required to know the local language. English is to be taught only in English in the schools. However, having knowledge of the local languages would definitely help and sometimes the schools also favor teachers with knowledge of local languages. It is also possible to learn the local language once you are in that country. Many schools conduct language and cultural classes for their teachers to make them acquainted with the locals.

Countries having ESL jobs - English Teaching Jobs in Thailand, Korea, China, France, Spain, Italy

The demands of ESL teachers are mostly concentrated in the non English speaking nations. Thailand, China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Argentina and Vietnam are some of the major locations where ESL jobs are found in abundant. The criteria of recruiting teachers, their remuneration and the section of students may vary from country to country.

What kinds of English teaching abroad jobs can I get after completing TEFL Certification?

The ESL teachers can get jobs both in public and private schools. In the private schools, apart from the language classes the teachers have to attend summer camps for kids. There are also private language schools there the teachers have to train business executives or corporate employees. Many public schools in various countries hire foreign ESL teachers to teach its students. Teaches are hired for the elementary school level to the graduate school level. In some of the countries, highly qualified TEFL Certificate teachers are hired by the universities and the colleges. The teachers are hired mainly to train students in English language as it is becoming increasingly important for higher studies.

Volunteer TEFL teaching English with TEFL Certificate

There are numerous volunteer teaching positions for ESL teachers around the world. It can be life time experience as the teachers can give something valuable back to the society, interact with kids from various backgrounds and at the same time travel the world.

Remuneration of English teachers abroad /English Teachers Salary

The English teachers in various countries are paid differently. The salary structure of the ESL teachers is dependent on various factors like standard of living in that country, the schools where you are teaching and the level of your students. However, in comparison to native English speaking countries like UK and USA, the salary structure in the non English speaking country will be low as the teachers are paid in local currency. In some nations, like Japan, Vietnam or some European countries, the average salary of the teachers are quite high. However, there is a best way to improve your income in a foreign country is through tuitions. In many Asian countries the teachers are provided with accommodation and airfare. This helps them in saving 30-40% of their income.


TEFL Courses have been gaining in popularity in direct proportion to the demand for qualified English teachers. Countries around the world are now determined than ever before to master English language skill. From China to Chile and from Iceland to Indonesia every nation has woken up to realize the avenues English language opens up. Native English speakers never had it so good, all they need is to enroll in one of the many TEFL courses and emerge as a trained English teacher ready to get a placement any where they choose to be in the world.

TEFL China / TESOL China

With English becoming a global language, China is beginning to embrace English commercially and this has increased the demand for TESOL/ TEFL teachers in China.

TEFL Spain / TESOL Spain

Spain can best be defined as a conglomeration of culture, steeped in history and offering the tourist a variety of geographical delights- from the coasts to the plateaus to the mountains.

TESOL/ TEFL Spain would provide an ideal opportunity for the TEFL Spain teachers to ‘teach and travel’ throughout the length and breadth of the country, taking in its natural beauty- be it the beaches or the exotic islands or the mountains. At the same time one can enjoy the colorful dances and artistic delights in its art, architecture and music.

TEFL France / TESOL France

Europe is beaming with travellers and tourists from around the globe not only for its breathtaking locales but also for the innumerable job opportunities it offers. Europe offers a plethora of TEFL jobs, as a result of which there is a steady flow of teachers. Since English is not commonly spoken in Europe ( other than in UK), the demand for English teachers with a TESOL certificate is in great demand.

TEFL Thailand / TESOL Thailand

Thailand offers a blend of rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing scenic beauty with a splash of modernism. The tourist friendly country has happily embraced different cultural influences while retaining their own. Although Thai is widely spoken in the country, English is fast gaining prominence and many schools have made English their medium of instruction. With the growing importance of English there has been a steady flow of TESOL Thailand trained teachers who have made the country their second home.

ESL Teaching Jobs

  • Due to the growing importance of English language the demand of ESL teaching jobs are also escalating. One of the major criteria to become second language English teachers is a TESOL certificate. TEFL courses has thus become extremely important for the ESL Teaching Jobs teacher who wants to teach English as second language in countries like Brazil, Mexico, China or Thailand. In most of the schools, TESOL Certificate are a mandate. The International TEFL Certification are not just for the schools. This certificate also enables English teachers to train at the corporate sectors, in the tourism industry or at the language schools. The salary of the trainers in the corporate sectors can be quite overwhelming.

ESL Teaching Abroad

  • The ESL teachers through the TEFL Course get a vista of wonderful experiences as they explore the country they are in and get imbued with the local culture and tradition. TESOL course is not to merely enhance the language skill and to upgrade teaching skills it is also a ticket to travel across the world, to visit new places and to earn at the same time. American TESOL Institute organizes Second language English teacher’s training course in exotic locations across the world–Thailand, India, China, Vietnam, France, Turkey, Morocco, Nepal and Indonesia. A TEFL certificate opens wide the doors of opportunity to travel to the most scenic parts of the world, to enjoy the local cuisine, to absorb the local culture and pick up their language.