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Indian Culture & language

TEFL Trainees / ESL Teachers

India is endowed with the oldest civilization in the world. Its rich cultural traits were present from the Indus Valley Civilization during the pre historical era. The traditions and culture of India had enriched itself further with the due course of time. The foreign nationals coming for the three weeks TESOL program in India will be able to witness the uniqueness of the Indian culture.

Asian College Of Teachers gives its TEFL trainees to explore the traditions and culture of three different locations in India. The most exceptional thing about Indian culture is its diversity. Each province and region has something different to offer to the visitors. India in the historical days was a strategic location. The bounty of this land had attracted numerous foreign immigrants and rulers. These long rules by different civilizations have affected the India’s culture, traditions and customs. The diversity and multiplicity of culture has not affected the spirit of the nation and its unity.

During TESOL course in Kerala, TESOL Course in Kolkata and other locations, the teachers will be able to witness the diversity present in the east, south and west of this country. Everything is different from language to cuisine, from dance forms to music.

Language of India

Indian language is equally diverse as its culture. Hindi and English are the commonly known language in most parts of India. The long colonial history of this country has evolved English as the official language. There are in all 29 commonly known regional languages in India. There are influence of both Indo Aryan and Dravidian language in India. Foreign nationals coming for TESOL course in India will not have any problem communicating as English is well understood around this country especially in the cities. It is difficult to lean Indian languages, however, knowledge of Hindi for the TEFL trainees can be helpful if they wish to take up ESL jobs in India or just travel this exotic land.