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TEFL / TESOL Certification

ACT TEFL courses are accredited by TESOL Canada and College of Birmingham

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ESL Teachers in India

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India is the gift of the wonderful river Ganges and a happy boon of the mighty Himalayas. English is one of the most significant languages in India and the demand of ESL teachers, here are exceptionally high. Teaching in India can be truly rewarding after undergoing an internationally recognized TEFL certification course which equips one with the essentials of English grammar and instills in the candidate the classroom teaching and management skills required for effective teaching of students of different ages.

Asian College Of Teachers in India conducts their onsite 120-hours second language teacher’s training course in Cochin, Kolkata and other locations. During the three weeks stay in the teachers can easily look for a placement for themselves and will get adequate assistance from our staff.

The ESL teachers in India can get placement in multiple institutes and schools. TESOL trained English teachers are preferred by schools and institutes all around the country. The English teachers in India can get placement in private schools, public schools, international schools and language schools. The remuneration of the ESL teachers especially in the schools or colleges of India is not very high as compared to some of the other Asian countries; it’s sufficient to lead a comfortable life in India. However, the corporate offices or the BPO’s do offer a higher salary package. The TEFL certified teachers in India could take up both short term and long-term job offers. There are also plenty of volunteer teaching jobs in India. Volunteer teaching service will prove to be a deeply fulfilling experience especially when you realize how your act has changed the lives of the kids from very humble background.

If the schools or institution gives accommodation, the teachers can live easily in 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month. Teachers in India are highly respected and while working in the schools you too will be given the same. The best thing about working as ESL teachers in India is the various places that you can visit during your stay.

In India, you also get a chance to provide volunteer service to the poor destitute children. And teaching them is a rewarding experience to be valued not by monetary consideration but in the spiritual and mental joy awarded by the act.

Finally within a few years of ESL job experience in Kolkata you can land yourself a better paying job in the Middle East or Northern Asia.