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TESOL Certificate Program India

TEFL India, TESOL India, Teach English India TEFL course in India has gained significant popularity over the years. The scientific method of teacher’s training, which TESOL follows, is gaining acceptance in India. The prospect for native speakers and Indian with an accredited TEFL certificate is huge.
India over the years is emerging as an upcoming job market for the TEFL certified teachers. The remuneration of the ESL teachers, especially in the schools or colleges of India is not very high as compared to some of the other Asian countries; it’s sufficient to lead a comfortable life in India. However, the corporate offices or the BPO’s do offer a higher salary package. The TEFL certified teachers in India could take up both short term and long-term job offers. There are also plenty of volunteer teaching jobs in India. Volunteer teaching service will prove to be a deeply fulfilling experience, especially when you realize, how your act has changed the lives of the kids from a very humble background.

The remuneration that usually the ESL teachers get in any part of India is not very high. Since, the living standards and the cost of living in this country are not very high it’s easy to live comfortably. If the schools or institution gives accommodation, the teachers can live easily in 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month. Teachers in India are highly respected and while working in the schools you too will be given the same. The best thing about working as ESL teachers in Ahmedabad is the various places that you can visit during your stay. Each state in India has its own special culture, language, art form and cuisine. Working in India will give the foreign teachers a chance to experience during the school holidays the great diversity of the land and its people. It’s a teeming cosmopolitan city and has all modern comforts and amenities that a person from the west is accustomed to. From sprawling shopping malls to multiplexes you have it all here. You also have a lot of culture and history thrown in good measure. It offers you a heady mixture of the ancient with the modern.

TESOL Certificate Program in Kolkata

American TESOL Institute’s TEFL course in Kolkata, India is an extremely popular program. This city is the cultural capital of India and known for its colonial past. Kolkata is also the academic center of this country, which will help the future ESL teachers of India. Read more...

TESOL Certificate Program in Kerala

Kerala, the ‘God’s Own Country’ is famous for its bountiful nature and colorful culture. The TESOL students in Kerala can enjoy the virgin beauty of the backwaters. American TESOL Institute gives its candidates a chance to enjoy the pristine natural setting of gorgeous Kerala and emerge in the exotic culture. Read more...

TESOL Certificate Program in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a significant location of western and Northern India. It is near some of the most popular tourist destinations of India like, Rajasthan. American TESOL Institute’s TEFL course in Ahmedabad is perfect for future ESL teachers both native and non native. Read more...