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TESOL Certificate Program Morocco

TEFL India, TESOL India, Teach English India Morocco is a gorgeous African destination where European, Asian and African culture has amalgamated together. This intermingling of cultures has given the country an exquisite charm. American TESOL Institute has joined hands together with Language House to conduct the prestigious TEFL course in Marrakesh. Marrakesh is a well known tourist destination and one of the most colorful and vibrant cities in the world. The 120 hours TEFL course is intensive, and it pertain to the British Council criteria.

TESOL Certificate Program in Marrakesh

The county of Morocco is endowed with the coastline of three seas, the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar. The gorgeous weather and wonderful cuisine help in luring more and more tourists each year. Our TEFL trainees will get a chance to enjoy every aspect of Marrakesh and Morocco during their stay here. The TEFL course is of 4 weeks and 120 hours. It is an intensive course, but the students will definitely get time to enjoy on weekends. A weekend trip to nearby location, shopping in the medieval souks or gorging of Moroccan delights, the choices are unlimited. The other factor, which would make the stay of the TESOL course trainees a memorable one is the warmth and amiability of the people here. The students can also learn Arabic during these four weeks. Knowledge of Arabic is helpful as there are numerous lucrative ESL teaching opportunities in the Arab world. Read more...