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A TEFL certification is a passport for all those who want to travel around the globe. It opens doors and opportunities for travelers who are also keen to earn while traveling anywhere in the world. For those who already have teaching qualifications, and years of experience, the TEFL certificate provides a platform to teach while they are traveling in exotic locations and gaining experience. American TESOL institute helps to realize the dreams of thousands who are looking forward for a teaching career abroad.

American TESOL Institute provides opportunities for qualified teachers from all over the world. It offers a three week intensive online Teacher training course. During the course the trainee teacher is updated with all the modern skills and techniques of teaching English to students whose first language is not English. The certificate provided by the American TESOL Institute is regarded and accredited by employers all over the world as a result of which teachers trained by the Institute always get a preference in the job market. On completion of the course and internship in various schools around the globe the trained teachers are not only awarded with a valuable certificate but are also assisted and guided by the American TESOL institute staff to look for the best teaching jobs available in the different parts of the world.

American TESOL institute provides excellent opportunities for its graduates to travel and explore the world from India to Thailand, China and South Korea and different parts of Europe and earn a handsome salary, enough to live a comfortable life and also save a considerable amount for the future. The current demand for the native speakers with a TESOL certificate provided by American TESOL Institute and the employment prospects are arising daily all over the world. The TESOL course enables the trained teachers not only to explore the world and earn a handsome salary but also creates opportunities to contribute to society by educating and encouraging keen learners. It provides a platform for all those who wish to meet and interact with people from different cultures and learn to respect and regard those who are different from your own. Hence ESL certificate is certainly a ticket to teach, travel, earn and learn.