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American TESOL Institute as the name suggests has its inception in the USA. Since its initiation, ATI has spread its wings and reached various parts of the world. ATI has set up its base both in North and South America. The continents of North and South America contain very different culture, society and landscape but the demand of TESOL training is there in both the locations. The USA is primarily native English speaking country, however due to the high amount of immigrants the demand of teachers for English as second language is quite high.


ESL teachers in USA are paid the same kind of salary as the other teachers get. It may not be very overwhelming but few years of experience can help you in getting good opportunities overseas.


TESOL Certificate Program in New York, United States

The ‘Big Apple’ is the chosen destination for the intense TEFL Course by American TESOL Institute. It is melting pot of the world and thus the candidates of the TESOL USA course can get an exposure to various other foreign cultures during their stay here. New York and the towns close to it also have a demand of ESL teachers at the school and the university level. Read more...

TESOL Certificate Program in Chicago, United States

The windy city and the cradle of American history have a perfect setting for teachers to get trained in the international TESOL USA course. Chicago is one of the biggest metropolises of America, which can be great setting not just for the international TESOL Course but also for candidates who wants a sneak peak at America’s gallant past.  Read more...

TESOL Certificate Program in Florida, United States

Florida is the beach capital of USA, endowed with pristine beaches and exciting lifestyle. The perfect weather all year round has made it a perfect tourist destination. The four weeks of TESOL USA course in Florida thus gives the candidates a chance to have a wonderful beach vacation. The certificate acquired at the end of the four weeks TESOL course will help them in getting a ESL job USA as well as abroad.  Read more...

TESOL Certificate Program in San Diego, United States

San Diego is not just a perfect place for attending a TEFL USA course but it is also a perfect location to start of a career in ESL USA. Teaching English USA is of prime importance in San Diego as students from around the world flock here to learn English. Its close proximity to Mexico is one of the prime reasons behind the demand of ESL teachers and its popularity as a tourist destination. Read more...