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Tefl Thailand - Krabi

Premium TEFL in class program in Krabi

Krabi The popularity of TEFL in Krabi is attuned to the general rise of ESL teachers and the consequent rising popularity of courses like TESOL and TEFL in Thailand. Thailand’s ever growing business and tourist profile makes it a dream destination for ESL teachers. Krabi is a beautiful tropical island, located amidst clear blue sea and boasting of a wonderful tropical landscape. Like Koh Samui, it is one place where you can relax while you study and take in the wonderful ambience of this beautiful island.

While pursuing your TESOL in Krabi, you can explore the island, with its year round wonderful weather and endearing natural beauty. You can also indulge in the many activities that the island destination offers for the tourists.

TEFL Krabi: Course Overview

The TESOL Certificate Course in Krabi is beautifully and scientifically designed to meet the needs of ESL teachers. There are opportunities of classroom demonstration, workshop and practice in real life situations that will give you the confidence and skill to handle English language teaching challenges both in Thailand as well as abroad.

The TEFL Certificate Course in Krabi follows a methodical approach with focus on language basics to start with graduating to more difficult and subtle aspects of language training. Great stress is placed on the practicality of what is learnt. TESOL in Krabi, like TESOL certificate course in Thailand as a whole, helps ESL teachers to secure jobs both in Thailand and abroad.

TEFL School in Krabi

The TESOL school in Krabi is located amidst one of the most picturesque spots of the island. It is equipped with state of the art teaching aids and tools that help in language teaching and learning. The success of its methodology is well attested by the popularity of TEFL students and ESL scholars. The school gives you enough opportunity to blend your education with entertainment, as is expected in an island as beautiful and picturesque as Krabi. You can spend your time exploring the beauties of the island as well as job hunting in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, as well as abroad..


Accommodation is not included in the above stated course fee. However, the TESOL institute arranges for accommodation for students at a walking distance from the institute. The cost of private accommodation facilities start from 12000 THB. Even luxurious bungalows come at a reasonable price of 20,000 to 25,000 Thai baht. Amenities include Air conditioners, restaurants, Wi-Fi and DVD players, among others.

Job Opportunities for ESL Teaching in Krabi

Krabi is a popular tourist spot, and its popularity is constantly increasing. As such there is a continous global presence in the island. There are many private and international schools in Krabi to meet their needs, and these schools and educational institutes often recruit ESL teaching staff. However, a TEFL degree from Krabi does not restrict your field of job to the island alone but to entire Thailand and the world. You can find jobs in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and to other parts of Asia and the World.