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TEFL Reviews

TEFL Florida, USA

TESOL USA - Certification Program in Florida

TEFL USA, TESOL US, ESL United States - FloridaThe beach city of Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in USA. It is also one of the sites where you can pursue TEFL in USA. TEFL in Florida gives you the opportunity to acquire the best skills in ESL teaching and at the same time enjoy a great vacation.

If you are looking for a vacation that will mix relaxation with a great party time, then Florida is your number one choice in the USA. The beautiful beaches and the modern skyscrapers that line the beach front give the town its unique Spanish flavor. Take your time out to visit the Kennedy Space Center or just set out for a safari. Indulge yourself in the excellent culinary delights served in the various restaurants and pubs in the state.

TEFL in Florida: Course Overview

The TEFL Course in Florida involves full time involvement for four weeks comprising a total study time for 120 hours. The course is planned by experts in keeping with the latest needs and demands of foreign language teaching in the world. The tools and methodologies involved are simply the best. You start with the basics of language training, and then go on to include higher elements of phonology and grammar. The practical aspect is also given due stress as you are thoroughly trained in subjects like course planning, teaching techniques, language awareness and classroom management. You emerge as one of the best trained ESL teachers after you secure your TEFL Certificate Course in USA.


TEFL Fee in Florida
Deposit Payment: US$ 500
Final Payment: US$ 1500
Total Fees: US$ 2000

The deposit payment is to be done during the enrolment of the student, while the final payment can be done during the commencement of the course. The above fees, however, does not include accommodation.

TEFL Florida Dates - 2011
6 June - 1 July 2011
4 July - 29 July 2011
1 August - 26 August 2011
5 September - 30 September 2011
3 October - 28 October 2011
7 November - 2 December 2011
5 December - 30 December 2011

TEFL School in Florida

The TEFL School in Florida is located in the Daytone Beach, close to the sea-front with all the major pubs, restaurants and other major attractions of the city at a short distance. The facility itself is small and efficient as the classrooms are kept intentionally small to guarantee intense personal attention from the tutor to the student. The tutors are some of the best in the business with a formidable experience in ESL training. The TESOL Institute Florida comprises classrooms, office rooms, internet, modern teaching aids and an excellently equipped library.


Accommodation is generally provided in the hotels along the Daytone Beach. Rates start at USD 56 and can go up to USD 200 per night. Remember, the longer the stay the better the affordability. Moreover, rates can go up during festival seasons.

Jobs for ESL Teachers in USA

One of the best parts of pursuing TEFL in USA is that you are never short of jobs. The demand for ESL teachers is steadily on the rise as more and more visitors from the non-English speaking world arrive here for primarily business and other professional as well as academic purposes. There are literally thousands of schools and institutes in the country that hire ESL teachers at a regular basis, and TESOL Certificate holders get a definite preference. Moreover, pursuing the TEFL Certificate Course from the Institute of TESOL in Florida gives you an opportunity to work as an ESL teacher in USA as well as in other parts of the world.