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French Culture & language

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The exquisite culture of France and that of the French people have been carefully shaped and cultivated by geographical boundaries and by profound historical events, which have been a consequence of both internal and foreign groups. Paris, the capital of France, has played an important role in shaping up the course of the growth of high culture and decorative arts since the seventeenth century continuing the tradition even today. France has influenced cinema, fashion and cuisine making such pleasures of life and art in itself. The French have carefully cultivated their cultural life, making it a land of dreams for many who wish to shine among the stars.

Among the various aspects of French culture, the French cuisine deserves special mention where food is regarded to be nothing less than the finest art. It is highly refined and requires careful preparation, detailed attention and the use of fresh ingredients. The food varies from one region to another each bringing something unique to the same dish that is prepared. The French are very much family oriented and believe in maintaining extended families where one can reach the others in times of emotional and financial needs. In spite of their reputation as romantics, the French harbor a practical approach towards marriage. There are a large number of French etiquettes that all must follow while living in France.

French, a romantic language having its roots in Latin, is the official language of France and the most spoken language in the country. About 35 of the total population of France speak in German dialects, which is predominant in the eastern provinces of the country. A minority of the French people also speaks Flemish. Some Italian, Basque and Catalan dialects are also spoken in certain parts of France.