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TEFL / TESOL Certification

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Tefl Thailand - Chiang Mai

Premium TEFL in class program in Chiang Mai

chiangmai TEFL in Chiang Mai helps you to learn while living in the cultural capital of Thailand. Chiang Mai, with its rich treasure of over three hundred temples, many major seats of Buddhist learning and worship, its natural hilly region and wealth of indigenous tribes is a major tourist destination. Chiang Mai is a place which is markedly different from other sites of the country, and is the perpetual favorite of students with a cultural and historical bent of mind. Pursuing a TESOL Certificate Course in the Asian College of Teachers Centre of Chiang Mai gives you a great opportunity to pursue quality education while experiencing Thailand in its pristine best. Chiang Mai is one of the best places to pursue TEFL in Thailand.

Although largely tradition, Chiang Mai is not without its share of modern civilization – which means the presence of a large number of international schools, private schools and corporate houses with a steady need of ESL trained teachers. Thus the job opportunities for TESOL trained students in Chiang Mai are in keeping with the general rise in the popularity of candidates with TEFL in Thailand.

TEFL Chiang Mai: Course Overview

TESOL in Chiang Mai offers a 120 hours full time program taught over a period of four weeks. All theoretical aspects of English Language teaching are wonderfully elucidated through practical demonstration and workshops. Care is taken that the application aspect of ESL teaching is not ignored or minimized in any way. Phonology, grammar, communication skills are all taken into account while disposing education to the participants. All in all, it follows a holistic and pragmatic approach to the discipline of English language teaching.

TEFL Fee in Chiang Mai

Total Course Fee - 1600 USD

TEFL Chiang Mai Dates - 2019

  • 7th Jan – 1st Feb
  • 4th Feb – 1st Mar
  • 11th Mar – 5th Apr
  • 22nd Apr – 17th May
  • 20th May – 14th Jun
  • 17th Jun – 12th Jul
  • 15th Jul – 9th Aug
  • 19th Aug -13th Sep
  • 16th Sep – 11th Oct
  • 14th Oct – 8th Nov
  • 18th Nov – 13th Dec

TEFL School in Chiang Mai

The TEFL School in Chiang Mai is one with a difference as compared to other institutes that offer TESOL Certificate Course in Thailand. It is located in such a way that the student can make the best of their stay in their city and take in the exquisite sights and sounds of the location. Trekking and other expeditions are routinely carried out to nearby areas and historical sites so that learning never becomes a boring affair. This is an experience which is unique in TEFL Chiang Mai and makes the entire experience stand out.


Accommodation arrangements for students during their stay in Chiang Mai are arranged for by the Asian College of Teachers in Chiang Mai in hotels close to the school. Arrangements are finalized once the students confirm their participation in the program. The accommodation is available in a hotel with all basic amenities and facilities.

The cost of accommodation starts from 200$ for four weeks.

Job opportunities for ESL Trainers in Chiang Mai

TEFL Certificate Course gives a global acceptance to the participants and in a city with a resounding global presence like Chiang Mai, where the ambition to learn English is also high, ESL trainers with TESOL Certificate courses are in high demand. They get work in a large number of private companies that are steadily opening new offices in Chiang Mai as well as in the large number of schools there, which include private and international schools. There are ample jobs for interpreters as well and a TEFL and TESOL Certificate can come in very handy in that field as well.