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Thailand Schools for TEFL Teachers

Schools in Thailand, Types of Thai Schools where ESL teachers can teach.

There are mainly four types of schools in Thailand, International Schools, Thai Public Schools, Thai-Private and ESL language schools. The demands of ESL teachers are high in all these four types of schools.

International Schools There are a number of international schools in Thailand in recent times. There are schools following both British and American curriculum. In the International Schools, the teachers are obviously paid better remuneration than rest of the schools as the fee structure for the students here are also quite high. Some of the International schools in Thailand are:

  • International School Bangkok
  • British International School, Phuket
  • Harrow International School
  • IPC International Kindergarten
  • Keera-Pat International School
  • Prem International School, Chiang Mai

Thai Public Schools There are numerous public or government schools in Thailand few of which are very reputed. These schools also have considerable demand of ESL teachers. The remuneration in these schools is not very high. However, the teachers can find public schools in the remotest locations where nature is at its best.

Private or Commercial schools in Thailand The numbers of Private schools in Thailand are quite high. International schools are also private schools. Apart from the international schools, there are schools, which follow the Thai curriculum. The private schools pay their teachers good salary. Before joining the private schools the teachers are advised to go through the contract.

Language schools Language schools in Thailand are mostly concentrated in the main cities and the tourist destinations. Mostly, adults attend these language schools to sharpen their English language skill. The ESL teachers in Language school will not have regular timing as mostly adults with a job attend the classes here.