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TEFL Spain - Barcelona

Premium TEFL in class program in Barcelona

Barcelona An extensive EFL teaching course in Barcelona can be a great experience to begin a teaching career. Pursuing the course will help you to learn about the in-depth methodologies of EFL/ESL teaching and might help you get a quality placement in Barcelona or any part of the Spain. The high demand of EFL/ESL teacher in Spain helps to shape a great TEFL career in the country. There is no doubt that pursuing TEFL course opens up a career opportunity and in Barcelona it is always fun.

Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and colorful cosmopolitan cities in Europe. The Mediterranean climate makes the city one of the finest holiday destinations and offers delightful city life experience. The rich history of the city attracts many people and the history enthusiasts would love to visit the place. Your stay in Barcelona can be an enticing experience while you are pursuing TEFL course. The educational experience can be enriched with Gothic churches and monuments. The experience in Barcelona can be excellent for all, especially for the sport enthusiasts as there are a number of sports that you can take part in actively.

TEFL Barcelona: Course Overview

Asian College of Teachers’ TEFL course in Barcelona offers a detailed insight into EFL teaching methodologies and approaches alongside the opportunity to explore the city. The course can open up the gateway to grow as a teacher and stand confidently in any classroom across the globe. It is a 120 hours program that comprises of detailed EFL teaching strategies. The course is covered within a period of four weeks. The course also helps to learn the basics of English teaching including grammar, phonetics, lesson planning and classroom management. This course can be considered as the complete guideline to understand the job role and the varied aspects of EFL/ESL teaching.

TEFL Fee in Barcelona

Total course fee – USD 1426

TEFL Barcelona Dates 2018

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TEFL School in Barcelona

The TEFL School in Barcelona offers all the latest teaching aids so the students can get the best learning experience of international standards. The air-conditioned classrooms offer perfect condition and ambience for learning with all the important amenities required. The students will get an extensive access to the internet that will be necessary for own preparation and research work. The TEFL school is located right at the heart of the city. Hence you can access the best city life experience. While you will be pursuing the course, you will get an opportunity to know about the city and culture as well while you bag the best learning experience.


Accommodation in Barcelona will be provided near the institute. You will get shared apartment during your stay. You can share the flat but you can also get your own room and keys as well. Your flexibility and comfort will be kept in mind while offering the accommodation. You will get to use kitchen, terrace and living room. You can cook your own food according to your choice. The accommodation will cost you 450 Euros. You will also get easy transportation access from your place to the training center.

Job Opportunities for ESL teaching in Barcelona

There is huge demand for learning English all across the Spain. During this age of globalization, Spanish people have realized the importance of the English language which has upped the demand for trained EFL/ESL teachers. Hence TEFL/TESOL has turned out to be a serious business these days in Spain. There are a number of TEFL job opportunities available in Barcelona as well. You can also look forward to a good remuneration working as an EFL teacher in Barcelona as well as in other parts of Spain.