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Country Facts - Spain

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Spain, situated in the southwest part of Europe is one of the cultural and geographical wonders of the world. It is the second largest country of Western Europe after France and is among the European Union. It is 504,780 sq kilometer in area and has an approximate population of 40,341,462. The capital of Spain is the beautiful city of Madrid, which is the largest city in all of Spain. Spain, like most European countries use Euro as its currency. Previously the Spanish peseta was used as a medium of exchange before it was replaced by euro.

Castilian Spanish is the national language of Spain, which is spoken by the majority of the inhabitants of Spain. In spite of that, a number of tourists who learn Spanish before visiting the country finds it difficult to cope with the different regional accents of the Spanish people. The rural region of Andalucia is one such place, where tourists find it extremely difficult to understand the Spanish language. Other popularly spoken languages are Gallego in Galicia, different forms of Catalan in Catalunya and Basque in the Basque Country. Citizens living in any of the countries under European Union do not need visas for staying up to three months. The Spanish people are mostly Roman Catholic that is about 98% of the population. The rest of the population includes some protestants, some Jews and some Muslims. There are also 500,000 gypsies, who still practice their way of life in Spain. The time of Spain with respect to the GMT is GMT+1 hour.