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TEFL / TESOL Certification

ACT TEFL courses are accredited by TESOL Canada and College of Birmingham

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Spanish Schools for TEFL Teachers

Schools in Spain, Types of Italian Schools where ESL teachers can teach.

Although a European country, the Spanish people speak little English in the rural areas and halting English in the urban cities. Hence teaching in Spain is not such a bad idea for it provides for enough jobs. The various sections of the students are eager to learn the language. All sorts of ESL jobs are available in Spain. Most jobs are available with the public, private schools and the language schools.

The public schools or the private schools have strict recruitment policies and prefer to take in English or Irish teachers for English teaching posts. But they also make an exception for the TEFL students and take in large number of ESL teachers for the various available posts. Thus the foreigners also get an opportunity to teach full time in the Spanish institutes. Te international schools and language schools take in most of the ESL candidates and prefer those who are aware of the TESOL teaching methods and can implement them while teaching. The packages offered are quite attractive and enough for a modest living in the Spanish localities. The international schools offer packages that are difficult to let go.

With the language schools cropping up everywhere the demand for English teachers are very high in these areas of work. Globalization has brought in jobs that exclusively demand a grasp over the English language. The BPOs are hiring more and more people everywhere and offer high payments. Spain has a growing market for ESL teachers and is attracting more and more people to its schools and colleges every year.