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TEFL USA - New York

Premium TEFL in class program in New York

New York TEFL in USA is a highly sought after course, and New York seems to hold a special attraction for ESL teachers from all over the world. This is as much for the unique attraction of this great city as well as because of the high quality of teaching staff who conduct classes over here, who have a great experience of ESL teaching behind them. A TEFL Certificate from New York will enhance your acceptability as an ESL teacher anywhere in the world.

New York is a city marked by its variety, life and multi-cultural ethos. It is the ultimate modern city with enchanting highrise buildings, great architectural landmarks, and a cultural plurality that is unsurpassed. Events and celebrations of some kind are held all over the year, and you can also visit the museums and the galleries, not to speak of the amusement parks and theatres.

TEFL in New York: Course Overview

TEFL in New York is a 120 hours long course that is held over a period of four weeks. The course is designed scientifically to meet the requirements of modern day language teaching. The initial part of the course is devoted to the elementary basics of English language teaching like English grammar and syntax, and is then steadily advanced to include aspects of phonology and advanced grammar. Practical is given an equal stress as theory, if not more. Teaching techniques, foreign language awareness, classroom management and course planning are some of the subjects covered in the practical part of it. The courses are highly interactive and involve regular tests, projects and assignments. Individual assessments of students are given paramount importance.

TEFL Fee in New York

Deposit Payment: USD 1832
Final Payment: USD 500
Total Fees: USD 1332

TEFL New York Dates 2018

  • 8 January – 2 February
  • 5 February – 2 March
  • 30 April – 25 May
  • 4 June – 29 June
  • 2 July – 27 July
  • 6 August – 31 August
  • 4 September – 28 September
  • 1 October – 26 October
  • 29 October – 23 November
  • 26 November – 21 December

TEFL School in New York

The TEFL School in New York is located in one of the busiest and most central parts of the city – close to the Times Square and right opposite to the Manhattan. The classrooms are kept small enough to accommodate only six students at a time, so that individual attention can be meted out to each trainee. Apart from classrooms, the facility also houses office rooms, internet, library and a 24 hour help-desk. You can use all your spare time in the library or looking for jobs in the city as well as in other places. The TESOL Institute in New York provides 100% assistance when it comes to looking for jobs. You can also take up a part time job for a short time to sponsor your stay in New York, whose multi-lingual environment is the perfect place for you to hone your ESL teaching skills.


You can choose from a wide range of accommodation options while you pursue your course with ACT in New York. The Institute also arranges accommodation for you against a service Fee of USD 150. The detailed options are given below:

Hotels: Being located close to the Times Square, there are plenty of hotels in the institute’s vicinity, where you can get excellent amenities including personal washroom for a rate of USD 80 per night.

Hostel: hostel accommodation can be arranged as well. Private rooms come for USD 80; double rooms for USD 50 per candidate and multi-dorms for USD 20

Private Accommodation: Single rooms with shared bathrooms mostly for families can be arranged close to the institute. The rates are in the range of USD 500 for four weeks.

Jobs for ESL Teachers in New York

Plenty of individuals from all over the world regularly pour in the USA for business, academic and professional reasons. Since most of them belong to the non-English speaking world, there is a continuous demand for trained ESL teachers. Many institutes and schools in New York offer English language courses for foreign language speakers. So, there is absolutely no dearth of ESL jobs in the city itself. You can also explore the rest of the USA and other parts of the world for jobs. Most ESL trainees with TESOL Certificate get lucrative jobs with high pay packets anywhere in the world.