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USA Culture & language

TEFL Trainees / ESL Teachers

The culture of USA is very rich and it is the pure amalgamation of European countries like England with their own cultures. The TESOL trainees will experience the ideals, rituals, customs, traditions, values of USA during their three weeks stay. Earlier, America was dominated by England, so it is understood that British influence is obvious. However Mark Twain, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Melville have made an outstanding mark in American literature. People are very religious and most of them are Christian.

The culture of USA is incomplete without the mention of USA sports. Baseballs, basketball, Football, Ice hockey are some of the major sports in USA. Bowling is quite popular as entertainment sports. Homecoming is one of the important traditions where people meet together in the late September or early October. NASA epitomizes the height of success of USA in the nuclear research. Every form of art like film, music, dance, theatre, sculpture has enriched their culture. The people of USA are very warm, informal and very punctual. Generally handshake is their common greeting form. They give presents to their close relatives and friends on birthdays, anniversary and Christmas.

There is no official language in USA, but most of them speak in English and consider English as their mother tongue. A number of times the proposal has been given to make English their national language, but nothing has been finalized now. In the USA, English which is spoken is known as the American English. Spanish is the second most popular language in USA. Apart from these two languages there are other languages like Italian, polish, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean have come down in USA along with the immigrant population.