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United Kingdom Culture & language

TEFL Trainees / ESL Teachers

British civilization is one of the oldest one in the world. UK is very rich from its cultural aspect. A great diversity can be noticed because of the large number of immigration. As they had a number of colonies all over the world, so is it quite predictable that different cultures have mingled all together in UK. Therefore it has become little difficult to define what exactly the “Britishness” stands for.

They are very much private people and try their best to maintain privacy for themselves and of other people. Initially they are little reserved, and it takes time for them to make friendship. Generally they greet in the form of handshake. Apparently they might seem to be very formal, but after a certain time they become very friendly. During the Christmas they exchange presents with relatives and close friends only. Apart from birthday and Christmas whenever they attend any invitation they take something like chocolates, wine or flowers for the hosts. A tendency can be noticed that UK people are more inclined to deal for business purpose with the person whom they know well, rather than with unknown people. While talking with someone they do not maintain eye contact for a long time because they assume that might cause uneasiness with the person whom they are talking for.

While doing the course in UK TESOL trainee would be able to have the experience of the culture of UK. During the three week stay there they have to adopt some of their rituals and culture, otherwise they would not be able to penetrate to the bottom of the beautiful country. They must respect their culture too.

Language in UK
There is no constitutionally defined official language in UK. As more than 70% of the UK people speak in English, so English can be considered as the main language in UK. Ages after ages a number of people have come down to UK and they have brought many foreign languages along with themselves. Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Gaelic, Ulster scots are the other native languages in UK.