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TEFL / TESOL Certification

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TEFL India - Kolkata

Premium TEFL in class program in Kolkata

kolkata TEFL in India is steadily gaining in popularity because of the country’s general enthusiasm and skill for English learning and teaching. More and more people are becoming interested in taking up ESL trainer job both within the country and abroad. Kolkata, with its historical and educational heritage is one of the best places to pursue TESOL Certificate Course in India.

Pursuing TEFL in Kolkata will give you a chance to experience the unique sounds and sights of this exquisite city. You can take a trip to the heritage sites that date back to the British colonial period or thereafter. You can also taste the various cuisines and experience its art and culture first hand. Kolkata also provides plenty of job opportunities for ESL teachers.

TEFL in Kolkata: Course Overview

The Asian College of Teachers in Kolkata offers a TEFL Certificate Course that covers a period of four weeks with full time participation of 120 hours. The curriculum puts great stress on the practical application of the theoretical aspects of English language training. It gradually builds up from grammatical basics to cover more difficult and challenging aspects like phonology, expression and teaching methodology. You are also provided opportunities to try out your skills in practical situations like classrooms. Interactivity is the key to the TEFL teaching process, and Kolkata is no exception.

TEFL Fee in Kolkata

Total Course Fee - 744 USD/ 50000 INR
Deposit Fees - 500 USD / 25000 INR
Final Payment - 244 USD / 25000 INR

TEFL Kolkata Dates - 2017

  • 9th Jan-27th Jan
  • 13th Mar-31st Mar
  • 10th Apr-28th Apr
  • 5th Jun-23rd Jun
  • 10th July - 28th July
  • 14th Aug - 1st Sept
  • 6th Nov - 24th Nov

Teaching Practice in Kolkata

At ACT, we provide opportunity to the candidates to put their new knowledge to the test where they will be taken to local schools in Kolkata and are given the opportunity to face a real classroom. Observation hours and actual teaching are two of most important methods that will help them learn and grow in their profession, hence having more time and opportunities to keep improving will help them sbecome more skillful and confident by the time they are employed.


Accommodation in Kolkata during the time of the duration of the course is arranged by the TESOL institute in Kolkata. It is usually made in one an apartment or in hotels, where students are provided single rooms. Bathrooms can be both private as well as shared depending on the rates. The apartments are located at a convenient distance from the institute. There are both AC and non-AC options. Costs start from USD 200 onwards for a period of three weeks.

Jobs for ESL teachers in Kolkata

There are plenty of jobs for ESL teachers in Kolkata, but pursuing a course does not necessarily restrict you to the city. India is gradually developing as one of the leading markets in the World, with a steady interaction with the globe. As such, the number of private and international schools is skyrocketing, with a steady demand for ESL trained teachers. The popularity of TESOL Certificate Course in India is on the rise. Securing a TEFL Certificate will open up gates of opportunities for jobs both in India and abroad with attractive pay packets.